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260371 VO Quantum Theory and Quantum Information: an Introduction to "Paradoxes" and their Applications (2010W)

2.50 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 26 - Physik


max. 20 Teilnehmer*innen
Sprache: Deutsch




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Ziele, Inhalte und Methode der Lehrveranstaltung

The aim of the lectures is to give an introduction for the student to the topic related with foundation of quantum mechanics (Bell's theorem, Kochen-Specker paradox, etc.) which would lead us to some applications of quantum correlations in quantum communication (especially reduction of communication complexity). Next we would move to some specific topic quantum information theory (with an emphasis on the entanglement theory, esp. Peres-Horodecki criteria, etc., quantum processes), and finally to photonic realizations of quantum communication schemes, etc.

The lecturer will be open to extensive informal discussions with students outside formal hours of lecturing.

Art der Leistungskontrolle und erlaubte Hilfsmittel

Attendance list, mid semmester short test, final examination.

Mindestanforderungen und Beurteilungsmaßstab

The hope is that the student after the course will have a good knowledge about the relationships between "quantum paradoxes", quantum information processes and photonic methods of their realization. Stress will put on sticking as close as possible to methods used by the research groups in Vienna, as the students might be willing to join them for their M. Sc. Of Ph. D. work. With various incursions into current developments, the lecturer will try to make the program interesting also to Ph. D. students. It is assumed the around 25% of the course will be "on demand", that is the subjects of some lectures will be decided after discussions with students, in response to their needs.




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