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Masterprüfung Internationale Betriebswirtschaft (Finanzmärkte) (2018S)



Content of lectures
Principles of Finance
Empirical Finance

plus at least one of
Market Microstructure
Behavioral Finance
Fixed Income

financial systems
o market-based versus bank-based financial systems
o anatomy of financial crises

decisions under uncertainty
o expected utility
o prospect theory
o ambiguity

time event trees (state space modelling)

o fundamental theorem
o derivatives
o option pricing

financial market equilibrium
o definition
o existence
o properties

asset pricing
o consumption based asset pricing
o CAPM and APT
o anomalies (small firm, domestic bias, momentum, etc.)

measures of market (il)liquidity
o bid-ask spread
o volume
o Amihud
o volatility

liquidity asset pricing model (LAPM)
o informational efficiency
o information paradox
o learning from prices

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