Universität Wien


Masterprüfung Internationale Betriebswirtschaft (Finanzinstitutionen) (2018S)



Content of lectures
Principles of Finance
Empirical Finance

plus at least one of
Financial Intermediation
Behavioral Finance
Fixed Income

financial systems
o market-based versus bank-based financial systems
o anatomy of financial crises

decisions under uncertainty
o expected utility
o prospect theory
o ambiguity

types of intermediaries
o banks
o insurance
o hedge funds, investment funds, pension funds, etc.

role of banks
o information production
o liquidity creation
o financial contracting

financial contracting and investment behavior
o effort choice
o risk choice

prudential regulation
o systemic risk
o Basel process of capital regulation

financial architecture
o spill overs
o unintended consequences

macroeconomic role of financial intermediaries
o venture financing and growth
o lending channel

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