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260092 VO Introduction to Photonics (2016S)

2.50 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 26 - Physik

Montag 19.09.2016




Understanding of the course, i.e., knowledge in

  1. Linear optics

    • Ray optics (short intro)

    • Electromagnetic waves, Maxwell's equations and solutions in linear media

    • Other solutions: spherical wave, Gaussian wave, wave packets

    • Absorption and dispersion (complex refractive index, Kramers-Kronig)

    • Intensity, Poynting vector, Energy flow

    • Boundary conditions, phase matching

    • Waveguides

    • Crystal optics, polarization states (anisotropic media)

    • Birefringence

    • Interference and coherence, interferometry

  2. Nonlinear optics

    • Nonlinear dielectric susceptibilities

    • Electro-optic effect (Pockels, Kerr)

    • Photorefractive effect I (electro-optic materials)

    • Photorefractive effect II (2-states systems, polymers and composites)

    • Sum-frequency generation: second harmonic generation (coupled wave theory, DEQs and solution, phase matching, realization)

    • Holography in nonlinear materials, dynamical holography etc.

    • Photonic bandgap materials, metamaterials, photonic crystals

Art der Leistungskontrolle und erlaubte Hilfsmittel

Oral exam. Slides provided by mFally

Mindestanforderungen und Beurteilungsmaßstab

Knowledge of wave propagation in optical linear and nonlinear media, ability to apply this knowledge, explain the fundamental concepts and equations.

  1. Excellent knowledge, can explain and apply derived equations: 1 (SEHR GUT)

  2. Good knowledge, can explain equations: 2 (GUT)

  3. Good knowledge, can understand equations: 3 (BEFRIEDIGEND)

  4. Basic knowledge of concepts, can understand equations: 4 (GENUEGEND)

  5. Else: 5 (NICHT GENUEGEND)

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