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040192 VO ABWL Marketing I (2019S)

3.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 4 - Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Dienstag 19.11.2019 13:15 - 14:45 Hörsaal 6 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 1.Stock





Although attendance is not compulsory, it is highly recommended to attend the lectures to prepare for the exam.

The course assessment is based on an exam, which will be based on the textbook (see chapters indicated in the course outline) and material covered in the lectures.

Art der Leistungskontrolle und erlaubte Hilfsmittel

For the exam, you need to register via u:find (https://ufind.univie.ac.at)

Exam Format: The exam takes 60 minutes and comprises 50 single-choice questions.

Scoring: Each correct answer will score 1.00 point; each wrong answer will result in -0.33 deduction; questions not attempted will score 0 points.

No material other than a dictonary may be used in the exam.

Mindestanforderungen und Beurteilungsmaßstab

Grading System: 0 to 49% - grade 5, 50 to 59% - grade 4, 60 to 69% - grade 3, 70 to 79% - grade 2, 80 to 100% - grade 1.

Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for attending ABWL Marketing II. Students who fail must repeat the exam at one of the additional dates offered in the next terms. No alternative formats of assessment will be offered.

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