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Studienprogrammleitung 51 - Doktoratsstudium Mathematik

Whether courses can be acknowledged for the doctoral program in mathematics depends on the
dissertation agreement of the student in question. Hence the course listing here mainly is
intended for the purpose of orientation and to help students in finding courses that might
be appropriate. Please check back with your advisor on the selection of courses.

510004 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) Seminar Harmonic Analysis (VSM)
510005 SE [en] (GEMISCHT) AG Biomathematics (VSM)
510007 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) Vienna Probability Seminar (VSM)
250109 SE [en] (GEMISCHT) Seminar (Optimization)
250031 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Topics Course Number Theory
250087 VO [en] (VOR-ORT) Frame Theory
250089 VO [en] (VOR-ORT) Topics in Harmonic Analysis
250092 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Convex Optimization
250093 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) G-Structures
250105 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Ergodic Theory
250106 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Neural Network Theory
250107 PS [en] (GEMISCHT) Stochastic Processes
250110 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry
250119 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Model theory
250123 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Special Topics in Set Theory
250128 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Martingale optimal transport
250129 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Topics from Habilitations
250152 PS [en] (GEMISCHT) Stochastic Analysis
250157 VO [en] (GEMISCHT) Stochastic Analysis
250007 SE [en] (VOR-ORT) Seminar: Algebra
250045 SE [en] (GEMISCHT) MCMP Seminar
250049 SE [en] (DIGITAL) Topics in Analysis and Geometry
250086 SE [en] (GEMISCHT) Inverse Problems III
250090 SE [en] (GEMISCHT) Seminar Applied and Computational PDE

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