Universität Wien FIND International Legal Practice and Language (ILPL) - Special Subject Electives

030109 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Human Rights II - Special Issues
030132 KU [en] (DIGITAL) The Austrian Legal System - an overview - for Erasmus incomings
030213 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) Selected Issues of International Law - Law of Treaties, State Responsibility, Prohibition of the Use of Force, Human Rights
030229 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) International Human Rights Law
030309 SE [en] (DIGITAL) European Union Law Seminar
030323 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) International Law in Domestic Courts
030349 KU [en] (GEMISCHT) International Humanitarian Law
030438 KU [en] (DIGITAL) Introduction into European IT-Law
030441 KU [en] (DIGITAL) Rethinking modern international law
030479 KU [en] (GEMISCHT) International Law and the Use of Force - From Self-Defense to the Responsibility to Protect
030516 KU [en] (VOR-ORT) International Organisations
030539 KU [en] (GEMISCHT) Principles of International Law
030581 KU [en] (DIGITAL) International Economic Law - Trade, Investment, Finance and Tax
030600 KU [en] (DIGITAL) Introduction to European Union Law
030601 KU [en] (DIGITAL) Free Movement of Persons in European Union Law - Workers, establishment, services and Union citizenship
030603 SE [en] (DIGITAL) Seminar in European Union Law - for diploma and doctoral students
030666 KU [en] (DIGITAL) International Courts and Tribunals

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