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010078 VO Advanced Course Theological Ethics III: Medical ethics and Bioethics (2021W)

3.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 1 - Katholische Theologie


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Language: German

Examination dates



Leider müssen wir wegen der hohen Teilnehmerzahl wieder auf online umsteigen, der Saal darf nur mit 35 belegt werden, wir sehr nahezu doppelt so viele

MO 04.10.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 11.10.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 18.10.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 25.10.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 08.11.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 15.11.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 22.11.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 29.11.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 06.12.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 13.12.2021 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 10.01.2022 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 17.01.2022 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 24.01.2022 16.45-18.15 digital
MO 31.01.2022 16.45-18.15 digital


Aims, contents and method of the course

There are a lot of problems in medical ethics: genetics, epigenetics, CRISPR-Cas9, what are diseases, beginning of life: in-vitro-fertilisation, gen-diagnoses, gen-therapy, end of life decisions, brain death, organ transplantation, assisted suicid, killing on demand, palliative care and so on.

Assessment and permitted materials

Oral examination at the end of the lecture (10-15 min) based on the power point presentation that was used in the lecture: face to face or online

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Understanding of the biological and medical backgrounds. Ethical arguments to justify decisions, to be able for a discussion in all these interdisciplinary fields. 50% of the questions must be answered correctly to get a note.

Examination topics

Content of the lecture

Reading list

Current literature (books, articles) will be announced at the beginning of the semester.
Giovanni Maio, Mittelpunkt Mensch. Lehrbuch der Ethik in der Medizin, Stuttgart, 2. Aufl. 2017.
Matthias Beck, Hippokrates am Scheideweg. Medizin zwischen naturwissenschaftlichem Materialismus und ethischer Verantwortung, Paderborn u.a. 2. Aufl. 2016.
Matthias Beck, Mensch-Tier-Wesen. Zur ethischen Problematik von Hybriden, Chimären, Parthenoten, Paderborn u.a. 2009, bes.: 45-56.
Günther Pöltner, Grundkurs Medizin-Ethik, Wien 2. Aufl. 2006.

Association in the course directory

für 011 (15W) FTH 23, 066 795 M2a, auslaufende Studienpläne: D39 für 011 (11W)

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