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040281 KU International Strategy (MA) (2019S)

4.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 4 - Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Continuous assessment of course work



max. 50 participants
Language: English


Classes (iCal) - next class is marked with N

Friday 08.03. 09:15 - 11:15 Hörsaal 10 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock
Friday 15.03. 09:45 - 13:00 Hörsaal 7 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 1.Stock
Thursday 21.03. 13:15 - 16:30 Hörsaal 15 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock
Thursday 28.03. 13:15 - 16:30 Hörsaal 15 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock
Monday 08.04. 09:45 - 13:00 Hörsaal 9 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 1.Stock
Friday 10.05. 09:45 - 13:00 Hörsaal 15 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock
Monday 13.05. 13:15 - 16:30 Hörsaal 16 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock
Friday 24.05. 09:45 - 13:00 Hörsaal 12 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock
Monday 27.05. 11:30 - 14:45 Hörsaal 17 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock
Friday 14.06. 09:45 - 13:00 Hörsaal 17 Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 2.Stock


Aims, contents and method of the course

The detailed syllabus is available for downloading here:

This course explores the challenges a firm faces as it benefits from, and copes with, internationalization. The aim of the course is to give its participants a conceptual – and at the same time practical –understanding of how firms formulate and execute their international strategies and to show how leading businesses succeed and fail (!) in their international endeavors.

The primary method of learning in this course is based on managerially-oriented case discussions, supplemented by short lectures of the course director. The cases used tap into the experience of managers operating in real-world companies and coping with practical management and business decisions. The cases capture the complexity faced by managers on all levels.

Assessment and permitted materials

The final score for this course depends in equal parts on three partial scores for:

1) Preparation of the case material for class discussion: The quality of the preparation will be measured through multiple choice quizzes that are administered at the beginning of each session.

2) Participation in class discussion: Class attendance is mandatory. This is a so called “Prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltung”. Quantity and quality of the contribution are recorded and evaluated by the course director.

3) Final exam: This is an in-class, written exam and consists of the analysis of a case similar to the cases that have been discussed in class during the course.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

To receive a passing grade, the final score must be at least 50% of the maximally attainable score.

Examination topics

Note that this applies only to the first of the three evaluation criteria mentioned above. The material that will be tested is contained in the cases assigned for this course. The other two evaluation criteria are based on skills acquired during the course.

Reading list

There are five required case studies. These cases are copyrighted material, and the case publishers expect to be paid for their use. Therefore, each course participant must purchase his or her copy of the case set. In addition, there is a recommended textbook. The acquisition of this book is not mandatory. For details please consult the syllabus.

Association in the course directory

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