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120014 UE BEd 10: Wahlbereich für Studierende des Lehramts (PM) - PH Vienna (2019W)

Learner-Centered Teaching Methods and Activities in the English Classroom

4.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 12 - Anglistik
Continuous assessment of course work


max. 24 participants
Language: English



    Daumegasse 5, 1st Floor

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    Aims, contents and method of the course

    A learner-centered approach to teaching shifts the learners’ interests and needs into the focus of the teaching process. Learner-centered methods and activities encourage learners to take risks, participate actively in their learning process in- and outside school and develop their own ways of acquiring new competencies.

    This course is aimed at introducing learner-centered methods and activities for diagnosing learners’ language skills and needs, planning and teaching lessons in heterogenous groups and assessing learners work in a supportive way. The participants will acquire a wide range of motivating and creative methods and materials for listenening, reading, writing and speaking that are adaptable to a variety of learners and teaching situations. The course is interactive, enabling participants to experience methods and activities introduced, teach and discuss lessons planned.

    • Discovering one’s approach to teaching and learning
    • Defining a “learner-centered“ approach
    • Defining learning aims and diagnosing learner needs
    • Adapting course book activities according to teaching aims and learner needs
    • Integrating learner-centered methods and activities into everyday classroom practice
    • Designing learner-centered activities and lesson plans
    • Adapting activities and tasks for different purposes, levels and learning styles
    • Creating favourable conditions for a learner-centered climate in the classroom

    Assessment and permitted materials

    • Active participation and reading assignments
    • Course portfolio (reflections, analysis of teaching materials, lesson plan and teaching materials)
    • Presentation (together with a colleague) of a lesson based on learner-centered methods and activities

    Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

    Regular attendance: max. 1 absence
    Class participation & reading assignments: 30 %
    Course portfolio: 50%
    Peer teaching : 20 %

    Grading scale: 1 (sehr gut) 100-90%; 2 (gut) 89-80%; 3 (befriedigend), 79-70%; 4 (genügend) 69-60%; 5 (nicht genügend) 59-0%.

    Examination topics

    Details will be given in class

    Reading list

    Harmer, Jeremy. 2015. The Practice of English Language Teaching. 5th edition. Pearson Longman.

    Morrison, Brian & Navarro, Diego. 2017. The Autonomy Approach. Language learning in the classroom and beyond. Delta Publishing.

    Scrivener, Jim. 2011. Learning Teaching: The Essential Guide to English Language Teaching. 3rd edition. MacMillan Books for Teachers.

    Williams, Marion, Sarah Mercer, and Stephen Ryan. 2015. Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching. Oxford University ELT.

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    BEd 046 Modul 10
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