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300214 UE Animal Physiology Laboratory 2 (10 parallel courses) (2017S)

Nerve, Muscle, Senses

6.00 ECTS (4.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie
Continuous assessment of course work


max. 80 participants
Language: German



Die Vorbesprechung findet am MI 01.03.2017 (gemeinsam mit 300275) um 11 Uhr im HS 1 statt. Die Anwesenheit ist unbedingt erforderlich, eine Vertretung ist möglich.
Ort: UZA 1, Biozentrum Althanstraße 14, 1090 Wien
Der Kurs beginnt am 8./9. Mai und findet jeweils Montags und Dienstags 10:15 bis 16:15 statt.


Aims, contents and method of the course

Each day of the course will be devoted to one ot two experiments, representing the following main topics: (i) Membrane potentials and their propagation, (ii) muscle mechanics, (iii) sense organs and perception, (iv) senses and behavior.

Assessment and permitted materials

Both the protocols prepared by the students for each experiment during the course and a final written examination will be evaluated. The protocols have
to be delivered in the week subsequent to the respective experiment.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

This is a series of practicals based on and following the lectures on "Animal Physiology 2: Senses, Nerve, Muscle". Students carry out selected experiments in small groups highlighting important aspects of neuro- and sensory physiology, muscle physiology and behavioral physiology. Using modern equipment the student will learn by doing what it means to design and carry out experiments in animal physiology.

Examination topics

The content of all experiments performed during the lab course.

Reading list

Ein Skriptum mit den Versuchsanleitungen und Literaturangaben wird zu Beginn des Praktikums angeboten.

Association in the course directory

B-BZO 4, BZO 4

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