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322075 VU Cosmetics in Theory and Practice - M7/M14 (2021W)

(2 Kurse)

1.00 ECTS (1.00 SWS), SPL 32 - Pharmazie
Continuous assessment of course work

Für die Teilnahme an der VU ist eine persönliche Anmeldung im Sekretariat für Pharmazeutische Technologie & Biopharmazie (2G306, UZA2) nötig.

beschränkte Teilnehmerzahl, Reihung erfolgt gegebenenfalls nach folgenden Kriterien:
1.) PR Magistrale Arzneimittelherstellung pos. absolviert
2.) VO Dermatika und Kosmetika pos. absolviert


Language: German



There will be four digital lectures and one afternoon of lab work.


Aims, contents and method of the course

The course provides an introduction to cosmetic skin research and cosmetic law in the European Union with special focus on natural cosmetics. An introduction to selected cosmetic formulations is given and the products are prepared in a practical working session.

Assessment and permitted materials

Written examination (20 minutes).

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

The exam consists of 10 questions. Each question is awarded 2 points, so a maximum of 20 points can be reached. A positive grade is obtained with over 50% of correct answers (11 points). Grades: 11-12 Punkte Genügend, 13-14 Punkte Befriedigend, 15-17 Punkte Gut, 18-20 Punkte Sehr Gut.

Examination topics

Contents of the presentations.

Reading list

* Barel, Paye, Maibach, Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, 4th edition, CRC press, 2014.
* M. Rosen, Delivery System Handbook for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products: Technology, Applications and Formulations, William Andrew, 2005.
* S. Elsässer, Körperpflegekunde und Kosmetik, Springer, 2020.

Association in the course directory

A400, MA8, MA23

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