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330072 VO Nutritional Epidemiology (2014W)

Lehrveranstaltung für Masterstudium: Voraussetzung: Zulassung zum Masterstudium
Diese Vorlesung ist Voraussetzung für eine Teilnahme an der LV 330092 Übungen zur Ernährungsepidemiologie.
Für eine Bewertung der Übung muss die nach der Übung stattfindende Prüfung zu dieser Vorlesung positiv absolviert werden.


max. 60 participants
Language: German

Examination dates




MO 20.10.2014 13 bis 18 Uhr HS 5, UZA II

DI 21.10.2014 12 bis 17 Uhr HS 5, UZA II

MI 22.10.2014 14 bis 17 Uhr HS 5, UZA II

DO 23.10.2014 12 bis 17 Uhr HS 5, UZA II

FR 24.10.2014 14 bis 17 Uhr HS 7, UZA II


Aims, contents and method of the course

The lecture delivers basic knowledge on designing, conducting and interpreting epidemiological studies in general. The following topics are discussed in detail:
(1) history of epidemiology, especially of nutritional aspects,
(2) aims and basic definitions (prospective vs. retrospective approach; observational vs. experimental design),
(3) the concept of risk,
(4) different types of epidemiological studies (case, cross-sectional, case-control, cohort, intervention studies: aim, design, advantages/disadvantages),
(5) estimates of outcome (mortality, incidence, prevalence),
(6) significance and relevance,
(7) systematic (bias, confounder) and random errors (occurrence, limiting, treatment),
(8) causation and evidence.

Specific aspects of applying epidemiological methods in nutritional science are discussed using recently published studies. Therefore, students are expected to be informed about dietary assessment, anthropometric methods and measuring physical activity and energy expenditure.

Assessment and permitted materials

Written multiple-choice test

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

The course is aimed to understand how nutritional epidemiology can contribute to our modern knowledge about the relationship between nutrition and the genesis of diseases. Students will be made familiar with epidemiological methods, their advantages and limitations, their importance for the prevention of nutrition-related diseases and their capability to support nutrition counselling.

Examination topics

(1) Lecture presenting epidemiological essentials,
(2) access to a manuscript and presented figures via Moodle prior to the lecture,
(3) participation of the audience in discussing important issues.

Reading list

Schneider R: Vom Umgang mit Zahlen und Daten. Umschau Zeitschriftenverlag Frankfurt a.M. 1997

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