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Module Exam

Master Exam International Business Administration (Financial Institutions) (2018S)


Examination topics

Content of lectures
Principles of Finance
Empirical Finance

plus at least one of
Financial Intermediation
Behavioral Finance
Fixed Income

financial systems
o market-based versus bank-based financial systems
o anatomy of financial crises

decisions under uncertainty
o expected utility
o prospect theory
o ambiguity

types of intermediaries
o banks
o insurance
o hedge funds, investment funds, pension funds, etc.

role of banks
o information production
o liquidity creation
o financial contracting

financial contracting and investment behavior
o effort choice
o risk choice

prudential regulation
o systemic risk
o Basel process of capital regulation

financial architecture
o spill overs
o unintended consequences

macroeconomic role of financial intermediaries
o venture financing and growth
o lending channel

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