Universität Wien FIND

Module Exam

Essential Computer Science for Bioinformatics (2019W)


Examination topics

Information and material for the module exam is available at the according Moodle page (via https://moodle.univie.ac.at/). To get access you have to register for one of the exam dates. You will then be automatically registered for the Moodle page.

Assessment and permitted materials

The exam consists of two parts: (a) a programming part (60min), one reference manual about the programming language (not an algorithms book) is allowed, and (b) a written exam (2h), no materials permitted. The exam is stated in English, the given answers are permitted in English or German.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

>= 87,5% sehr gut (1)
>= 75% gut (2)
>= 62,5% befriedigend (3)
>= 50% genügend (4)
< 50% nicht genügend (5)

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