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Module Exam

M-CORE 10 Written Module Exam Condensed Matter Physics (2020S)

10.00 ECTS, SPL 26 - Physik


Examination topics

The course is to be regarded as one, single and inseparable entity together with the associated exercise class 260121 PUE, which is listed separately for technical reasons only. What we show in class will be worked upon and truly learned by individual and independent work on the homework sets of 260121 PUE, which will be distributed weekly.
For students of the old Master’s Curriculum: The exam contains similar questions as the module exam and a smaller number of calculation examples.

Assessment and permitted materials

[UPDATE] Due to the Corona pandemic, the examination modalities must be changed. Instead of a written exam, the exam will now be held in oral form using the BigBlueButton conference tool in Moodle. No course materials, textbooks or smartphones will be allowed in the exam, but you may need a calculator.
The examination will focus on assessing your understanding on the principles and phenomena in condensed matter physics.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

50% of the total points at the final exam.
50 - 62.49% grade 4
62.5 - 74.99% grade 3
75 - 87.49% grade 2
87.5 - 100% grade 1

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