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Module Exam

M-CORE 3 Written Module Exam Advanced Particle Physics (2020S)

10.00 ECTS, SPL 26 - Physik


Examination topics

The program: lecture notes, exercise complementary notes, exercises worked out in class and variations thereof.
Since the Modulprüfung is done remotely, lecture notes, solutions of the exercises, books, Google etc. will be available to you during the exam.

Assessment and permitted materials

On June 30th, at 9:00am I'll upload on Moodle the text of the written exam. You'll have 2h45m to solve it, scan it, upload it back on Moodle and send it to me via email. (We'll make a test trial some days before the exam to check that everything works fine.)
During the exam, I'll be available on Skype in case you have questions.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

In order to pass, you'll have to score at least 50 percent of the available points. Grades are assigned proportionally to the scored points.

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