Universität Wien FIND

Module Exam

STEOP: Introduction into Nutritional Sciences (2020S)


Examination topics

STEOP module examination on the contents of the lecture Nutritional Science: applied and multidisciplinary
- Basic concepts of nutrition, world nutrition
- Food/nutrient based nutritional recommendations
- Methods of determining nutritional status:
Anthropometry: how do I measure and assess my body weight, my body composition
Nutritional assessment methods to measure energy and nutrient intake
Determination of biochemical parameters (e.g. vitamin status)
- digestion, and absorption of macro- and micronutrients
- Needs and recommended intake
- Energy demand - hunger/saturation mechanisms
- Alternative diets
- Risks of nutrition
- Health promotion and disease prevention through nutrition

Assessment and permitted materials

Written STEOP module examination on the contents of the lecture Nutrition Science: applied and multidisciplinary

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Multiple choice questions
passed by 50%

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