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Module Exam

M-CORE 1 Written Module Exam Advanced Computational Physics (2020W)

10.00 ECTS, SPL 26 - Physik


Examination topics

Exam topics include all topics of the lecture notes that are treated in the lecture. The lecture notes are available on the Moodle page of the course.

Assessment and permitted materials

This written exam will be conducted as a "digital written exam with exam sheet for download" (to be taken from home) in the form of an Open Book Exam. „Open book“ means that you can make use of numerous materials to answer the exam questions. Basically, you should limit yourself to the script for the lecture and the literature listed on the Moodle page of the lecture, but this does not imply that you are allowed to copy sentences / text passages 1: 1. Sentences from these sources, from transparencies or other texts may not be used without corresponding identification of the source. When answering the questions, you should always formulate your own thoughts and arguments independently. All steps of the solution path including the initial approach must be fully justified and explained. If a solution is partially based on a permitted source, this must be specified. Solutions without sufficient justification are given 0 points. Permitted aids for the examination include the lecture notes accompanying the lecture and the literature listed on the lecture's Moodle page. Direct citations from these documents or e.g. from Wikipedia, are not permitted. Finding (i) plagiarism from permitted or forbidden documents or (ii) text passages that turn out to be identical to those of other candidates will result in the evaluation of the work with an "X" ("cheat note").

ATTENTION: For the convenience of the participants, the exam questions will be provided for download on a separate Moodle page as soon as 12:15, and solutions must be uploaded not later than 15:30 to the Moodle page of the exam.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

At the exam, at least 50% of the possible points need to be obtained for a positive grade. The grading is done according to the following scheme:
0 -50%: nicht genügend (5)
50 - 63% genügend (4)
63 - 77%: befriedigend (3)
77 - 90%: gut (2)
90 - 100%: sehr gut (1)

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