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Module Exam

M-CORE 11 Written Module Exam Dispersion, Microscopy and Spectroscopy (2020W)

10.00 ECTS, SPL 26 - Physik


Examination topics

The material lectured in 2020S in its entirety. If you took the course in an earlier semester, please contact Toma Susi for access to the Moodle workspace.

Assessment and permitted materials

The examination will focus on assessing your understanding of the physical principles and phenomena behind both microscopy and spectroscopy. Instead of derivations of complex formulas, more important is to understand and explain what is being described, how radiation of different kinds interacts with solid-state or molecular systems, and how this understanding can be used for studying the properties of materials.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Standard grading scale (maximum points are 80):

from 71: grade 1
from 61: grade 2
from 51: grade 3
from 41: grade 4
less than or equal to 40: grade 5

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