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Module Exam

StEOP: M02 Introduction to the Korean Language Module exam (2021W)


Examination topics

Theorie-Part: Text book (Chapter 1- 15)
Hanja -Part: Text book (Chapter 1-12) and extra exercise sheets

Assessment and permitted materials

Written examination on-site:
There are several types of questions on the test: short-answer question, multiple-choice question, fill in the blanks question etc.
It is not allowed to use any aids.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

minimum of 60% of the maximal achievable points for each exam part.
Beurteilungsmaßstab: ab <90%> : sehr gut, ab <80%> : gut, ab <70%>: befriedigend, ab <60%>: genügend, kleiner gleich <59%>: nicht genügend

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