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Course Exam

140252 VO EC - KP1 - Introduction to Political Science from the Perspective of International Development (2017W)

Monday 05.03.2018 18:30 - 20:00 Hörsaal B UniCampus Hof 2 2C-EG-02




Examination topics

Content of lectures (ppts of individual lecture dates will be made availabe via moodle), selected literature (see below). Note that lecture content may differ from respective chapters in the "Politik und Peripherie" textbook. Also, ppts may not provide a full summary of individual lecture.

Assessment and permitted materials

Combination of Multiple Choice Test and open questions.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Students will be introduced to a political science perspective on global politics and politics in the South. The main aim is to offer students a basic understanding of different theoretical perspectives on politics.

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