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Course Exam

220093 VO Jean Monnet lecture series (2019S)

Crises, Democracy and the Media in Europe

Thursday 03.10.2019 09:30 - 11:00 Hörsaal 5 ZfT Philippovichgasse 11, 1.OG




Examination topics

The content of the lectures (spoken word, slides, guest lectures and discussions) and literature.
We recommend to be physically and mentally present at all sessions and to maintain a transcript.

Assessment and permitted materials

Written examination at the end of the semester and three additional dates in the following semester (October, November, January).

The examination consists of two parts:
1) You submit a blog post to the question: Do we need Europe? through Moodle until 10 days before each examination date.
2) On the exam date itself, you choose one of three open questions and answer it in the form of a scientifically based essay. Open Books exam: You can bring all the materials with you and use them, but no electronic devices.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

- solid understanding of concepts treated.
- critical engagement with questions of integration and media.
- engagement with interdisciplinary sources.
- self-reflection of the learning process.

The total grade is calculated as follows: 60% essay + 40% blog post.

Your essay can be written in English or in German. You must write legibly! If your text is not legible, there is a high risk that the mark will be low.
The essay must be scientifically based, that is based on academic literature, not simply a colloquial ‘chat’ or ‘opinion’.
An essay means a discussion between theoretical approaches and empirical findings on a certain topic. Stay focused. Answer the question on the basis of theory and empirical research where appropriate.

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