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Course Exam

350111 VO STEOP Modul 2 - Scientific Fundamentals of Sport Science (2019W)

3.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 35 - Sportwissenschaft

Monday 16.12.2019




Examination topics

Content of the lecture (theory and practical application)

Assessment and permitted materials

Written exam
The following points can be reached in the individual areas:
mathematics: 6, physics: 8, biology: 6

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

The exam is carried out as part of the STEOP as a module test. The module test consists of two parts comprising the 2 courses according to the module structure. In each part of the exam, a maximum of 20 points can be reached. This means 40 points for a module with 2 courses.
The exam is passed positively, if at least 24 points of the overall exam are reached and 10 points for the individal parts.

Repetition and communication of competences, theories and methods from mathematics, physics and biology as well as their practical application.

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