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Course Exam

250050 VO Discrete mathematics (2021S)

3.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 25 - Mathematik

Thursday 19.08.2021



Examination topics

The material for the exam includes everything which was covered in the 12 units of the lecture course slides (available on the respective Moodle page as PDF). This essentially corresponds to the Lecture Notes (Skriptum "Diskrete Mathematik" by Krattenthaler & Fulmek) from the beginning on up to (and including) Section 3.5. For the exam students will have to know (as usual) definitions, mathematical tools and results (including technical constructions, theorems, etc.), proofs (the focus is not on the detail but one has to be able to explain the basic ideas that occur) and contexts (including motivation of the material, explanation of principles). The overall idea of the exam is to determine whether students have understood the material such that they are able to properly explain it and even apply it to suitable problems. The oral exam may include questions that are to be partially answered ad-hoc in writing (e.g., in connection with formulae or graphical sketches).

Assessment and permitted materials

Oral exam (for the time being, online; later maybe also in-person)

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

Introduction into basic concepts of Discrete Mathematics

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