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Course Exam

300101 VO Soil science for Ecologists (2021W)

3.00 ECTS (2.00 SWS), SPL 30 - Biologie


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Examination topics

The subject matter of the examination covers the lecture content:
1 Soil science basics

1.1 Importance of soils, position in ecosystem
1.2 Geological basics
1.2.1 Minerals Crystal structure Mineral classes
1.2.2 Rocks Formation
1.2.2 Types of rocks
1.2.3 Weathering and soil formation Types of weathering
1.2.4 Geological displacements gravity Snow and ice effects Water transport Wind effect Periglacial phenomena
1.2.5 Source material for soil formation
1.3 Important pedogenic substances (soil components)
1.3.1 Grain size ("texture") of mineral soil substance Grain size distribution - soil type Derived soil properties
1.3.2 Weathering new formations Clay minerals and their importance for nutrient storage Pedogenic oxides
1.3.3 Organic matter organ. Soil colloids and properties Humus forms
1.4 Soil properties
1.4.1 Chemical soil properties Colloids and ion exchange, soil nutrients Soil acidity and acidification Redox reactions
1.4.2 Physical soil properties Pore conditions Microstructure and structural forms Water balance Air and heat balance
1.4.3 Biological soil properties ("soil life or edaphon") Structure of the Edaphon Living conditions of the edaphon Influence on the soil

2 Genesis and systematics of soils

2.1 Soil formation
2.1.1 Factors of soil formation
2.1.2 Soil formation processes
2.1.3 Soil profile differentiation, soil horizons
2.2 Soils of Central Europe
2.2.1 Soil classifications
2.2.2 Systematics (overview)
2.2.3 Examples of soil development, soil sequences

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Assessment and permitted materials

There will be a final written test at the end of the semester.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria

The final test consists of 10 questions of 10 points each (points maximum = 100). From 51 points, the final test is evaluated positively.

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