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auch für DiplomandInnen und DissertantInnen
Wieshaider, Moodle
Für DiplomandInnen und DissertantInnen
Stadler, Moodle
From the Principle of Guilt to Hazard Prevention? (for diploma and doctoral students)
Maier, Moodle
030112 SE Law of the Christian East (2020S)
Orthodox church(es) in Austria (for diploma and doctoral students)
Potz, Moodle
For diploma and doctoral students - Perspectives from political philosophy
Holzleithner, Moodle
for diploma and doctoral students
Kuppe, Moodle
also for students writing their diploma or doctoral theses
Wieshaider, Moodle
A comparison with special consideration of serbians and Austro-Hungary
Simon, Moodle
Islam and Women's Rights (for undergraduate and graduate students)
Synek, Moodle
Seminar for diploma students
Zöchling-Jud, Moodle
in the Context of the State-Church-Relationship (for diploma and doctoral students)
Schima, Moodle
Edelmayer, Moodle