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Directorate of Studies 4 - Business, Economics and Statistics


Note from the Directorate of Studies of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics:

1) Fulfilling all partial achievements is a prerequisite for positive assessment, if nothing else has been explicitly stated.

2) The use of AI tools (e.g. ChatGPT) for the production of texts is only allowed, if this is expressly requested by the course instructor (e.g. for specific assignments).

3) To ensure good scientific practice, the course instructor may request a "grade-relevant talk" (plausibility check) regarding the submitted written work. This interview has to be completed successfully.

All students who have successfully registered for a course are to be graded, unless they have deregistered within the allotted time-frame, or have provided a credible reason for not being able to deregister, immediately after the relevant reason or obstacle has been removed. Should such a credible reason (e.g. a prolonged illness) exist, the student may still be deregistered after the deregistration deadline has passed. Whether or not such a credible reason is given is to be evaluated by the course instructor. The request for deregistration is to be submitted without delay.

If any partial achievement was obtained fraudulently, i.e. a student cheated during an exam, plagiarised in a written work, or signatures were forged on an attendance list, the entire course will be marked as "not assessed" and recorded accordingly.

These and further regulations can be found in the part of the Statutes concerned with Study Law: https://satzung.univie.ac.at/en/study-law/.

4) During the assessment, plagiarism software (Turnitin on Moodle) may be used.

5) Uploading documents anywhere other than the university’s platforms is expressly forbidden. Not adhering to this rule constitutes copyright infringement.

Registration to all Courses with non-continuous assessment starts on 01.02.2022.

Registration for all other courses via U:Space will take place in the following time:
13 February 2023 09:00 - 22. February 2022 12:00 o´clock

Pilot operation of the registration system for following studies
UA033515 Bachelorstudium Statistik
UA066951 Magisterstudium Statistik


A post-registration period will be opened only for additional courses in the Bachelor programmes. For Master students, there will be an option of changing courses in the post registration phase (27.02.2023 09:00 - 28.02.2023 12:00)
You can find information on the registration procedure here:

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