Universität Wien

Studies Programme 23 - Sociology

Die Studienprogrammleitung 23 betreut die Studiengänge der Soziologie, der Wissenschaftsforschung und der Pflegewissenschaft.
Das Fach Soziologie wird an der Universität Wien vom Institut für Soziologie als sechssemestriges Bachelor- sowie als viersemestriges Masterstudium angeboten. Studierende anderer Bachelorstudien können im Rahmen von Erweiterungscurricula bestimmte Lehrveranstaltungen besuchen.

Das Masterstudium Science-Technology-Society und das Erweiterungscurriculum Wissenschaft-Technik-Gesellschaft werden vom Institut für Wissenschaftsforschung organisiert.

Das Institut für Pflegewissenschaft bietet einen Masterstudiengang Pflegewissenschaft an.

230006 VO Structure and Development of Mordern Societies - Social Change of the Austrian Society
230015 UE Statistics 2 - Übung
230018 VO+SE Sociology of development - Theorien, Diskurse, Akteure, Prozesse
230020 VO Statistics 1
230021 UE Statistics I
230023 SE The Visual Worlds of Today’s Social Web - Image-based Communication on Facebook and YouTube
230024 FPR FPR Research Practice 2: Researching Migration in Sociology - New Patterns of Mobility in Austria
230027 KU Public Law for Sociologists - Introduction to Constitutional-, Administrative- and European Law
230028 PR Workshop/Excursion: Penetration into the Ethnic Communities - Function and Dysfunction of Ethnic Communities
230029 PR Workshop/Excursion: Job Orientation for Students - Beispiele für Arbeitsfelder von SoziologInnen
230030 PR Workshop/Study Trips: Career Orientation - Socio-Scientific Research
230039 VO Sociology of Work - An introduction to approaches, debates and research findings
230041 SE+UE Grounded Theory
230042 SE Qualitative Research: Datamaterial photographies - Photointerview and methods of visual research
230051 KU Public Law for Sociologists - Introduction to Constitutional-, Administrative- and European Law
230053 KU KU Business Administration - Business Aspects of Sociology
230054 VO+UE Network Analysis
230055 UE Statistics 1
230067 SE Middle Range Theories - Robert K. Mertons’ practical Idea of sociological Research
230070 PR Interviewing
230071 PR [en] Introduction to SPSS
230080 VO Ageing: Interdisciplinary perspectives - Caring cultures and potentials
230083 VO+SE Family structures and national regulations - Modification of the social welfare state and gender perspectives
230084 WS Diagnosis of Society: Law, Rights and Society - What does it do with us and what do we do with it?
230088 SE High culture and popular culture - A relationship of tensions between globalisation, national identity formation and local appropriation.
230089 SE Television society - Television as a sociological learning machine
230090 VO+SE Quality improvement in health care - Governance between health politics and organizational development, between expert and lay perspectives
230091 SE Non-medical interventions for health and their problems - Implementation in and by complex systems
230096 SE Social Division in the City - Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Segregation and Gentrification
230098 UE Knowledge Communication - Scientific Writing of Thesis - Wie entsteht ein guter Text ?
230099 PR Research ethics
230100 VO Empirical Research Methods - Introduction - Vorlesung und Tutorium
230102 SE Gender and Globalisation - Genderaspekte ökonomischer Globalisierung. Analysen und Perspektiven
230104 WS Diagnosis of Society: Modern society as disciplinary society - Theoretical and empirical perspectives
230109 SE Society in economic and social crises? - Analyses of the causes and consequences
230110 SE The Chicago School - Theory and methodology of a sociological paradigm
230111 TR Body Language
230114 KU Research Design
230116 VO+SE Family Sociology
230122 SE "Culture" over "Society"? - The potentials and pitfalls of the "cultural turn" in sociological theory
230130 UE Statistics 2
230148 WS Diagnosis of Society: Global interdependence - The relevance of colonialism
230178 UE Statistics 1

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