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SPL 27 - Chemistry

270100 UE Inorganic Chemistry Lab course III A - Bioinorganic Chemistry, coordination chemistry
260027 SE Experimental materials science - nanostructured materials - Present progress of the Initiative College "Experimental materials science - nanostructured materials"
270009 VO Introduction into carbohydrates - Introduction into carbohydrate chemistry and biological chemistry
270095 SE Seminar in Analytical Chemistry - Lecture and discussion forum of diverse topics in Analytical Chemistry
270153 UE Practical exercises on literature research - Practical exercises on computer assisted literature research for natural scientists
270202 SE Seminar Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Dynamics - in particular for PhD-students
270205 SE Special Didactics Physics/Chemistry - for Diploma and PhD students
270234 UE+VO Computers in materials chemistry - UNIX (LINUX), graphics, test processing with LATEX, creation of homepages with HTML
270252 SE Seminar on modern methods - Seminar on moderne methods in asymmetric synthesis
270254 SE Current aspects of Bioinorganic Chemistry - Current aspects of Bioinorganic Chemistry
270267 VO Proteintransport and organelle biogenesis - Proteintransport and organelle biogenesis
270271 VO Femtochemistry
270280 SE Methods in biochemical analytics - Selected Topics
270301 VO Estimation of Physico-Chemical Properties - Estimation of Physico-Chemical Properties
300512 SE [de en] Seminar in plant biochemistry and physiology - Seminar about current topics in plant biochemistry and physiology
300680 VO Presentation skills Science - (gemeinsam mit Mag. Silvia Lamboj)
270089 VO Photobiology - Basic concepts of photobiology

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