Universität Wien

Directorate of Studies 30 - Biology

30.01 Bachelor’s Degree Programme Biology (Curriculum as from winter term 2015)

30.02 Bachelor's Degree Programme Biology (Curriculum as from winter term 2011)

30.03 Master's Degree Programmes Biology (Curricula from WS 13)

30.04 Master's Degree Programmes Biology

30.05 Teacher Training Programme: Biology and Environmental Studies

30.06 Doctoral Degree Programme (depense on availability of places for the Master's Degree and Diploma Programme)

300204 SE [ en ] Ethology - Seminar for Master- and PhD Students - covers important Groundations and recent developments
300219 SE [ en ] Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure 1 - Seminar for Master and PhD-students - in Special Cell Imaging and Ultrastructure Research
300275 SE [ en ] Moleculare and Ecological Physiology of Plants 1 - Seminar for Master- and PhD Students - Specific Ecology of Plants: stress physiology, photo biology, anatomy, urban ecology, ecophysiology laboratory and field analysis, structural analysis, energy and material flow balances in cultural landscapes and urban habitats
300323 SE Thesis Seminar: Parasitology - Lectures on actual parasitological topics, lecture works english slides
300471 SE [ en ] Seminar Chemodiversity Research - Phytochemistry, function, interpretation

30.07 Extension Curriculum Evolutionary Anthropology

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