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45 - Doctoral Directorate of Studies Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy

450100 SE [en] (MIXED) COSMOS PhD-Seminar (PI)
450101 SE [de en] Astrophysics Summerschool (PI) - (in remembrance of Ernst Dorfi)
450400 SE [de en] Big Picture Seminar Series
280086 SE MA-ERD-W-1.1 Geohistorical research and its sources in the 19th and 20th centuries (PI) - The establishment of the disciplines of mineralogy, paleontology, geology and petrology at the University of Vienna
450004 SE [de en] (MIXED) Topics in mineralogy IV: - Advances and Applications of spectroscopic techniques in Earth and material sciences (PI)
450005 VO+UE+PR [de en] (MIXED) Topics in Geodynamics - 3D mapping and geostatistical data analysis: Cases studies in high alpine terrain (PI)
450006 SE [en] (MIXED) Topics In Palaeontology (PI)
450007 SE [de en] (MIXED) Topics in lithospheric research (PI)
450400 SE [de en] Big Picture Seminar Series
280017 VU [en] (MIXED) Tropical Climate Change
450400 SE [de en] Big Picture Seminar Series
450401 SE [de en] (REMOTE) PhD Seminar: Human Geography - & MA Seminar
450402 SE [de en] (MIXED) Anthroposphere Topic Seminar
450404 SE [de en] (MIXED) PhD and MSc Seminar: Physical Geography

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