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41 - Doctoral Directorate of Studies Historical and Cultural Studies

Das Curriculum für das Doktoratsstudium der Philosophie in Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften, Philosophie und Bildungswissenschaften findet sich unter: Curriculum; konsolidierte Fassung unter:

410001 SE Historical Materialism: A (critical) re-reading - Interdisciplinary Seminar for Doctoral Candidates
410002 SE Things in motion. From exchange and trade to migration and cultural transfer - Interdisciplinary Seminar for Doctoral Candidates
410003 SE Transformations: Theories, concepts and history - Interdisciplinary Seminar for Doctoral Candates
410004 SE Foreign language skills as a career promoter in medieval politics, economics and science - Which languages were spoken and/or written - where, by whom and on what occasion? Interdisciplinary seminar for doctoral candidates
180178 SE Master College

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