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08. Bachelor-Modul 1

070027 PS Proseminar - Politics of Mass Violence in the 20th Century
070029 PS Proseminar - The Revolution of 1848/49 in Europe: Man, Women, Gender Relations
070031 PS Proseminar - Die History of Jews in the late Habsburg Monarchy
070032 PS Proseminar - Economy, war and society in the later Middle Ages
070036 PS Proseminar - An Introduction into scientific writing. The course will present examples of constitutional-texts from the 9th and 10th century
070063 PS Proseminar - Geschichte der Adria im Antike und Mittelalter
070130 PS Proseminar - Produktionsverhältnisse (8.-19. Jh.)
070131 PS Proseminar - Francis of Assisi. Religious Poverty and Urban Wealth
070202 PS Proseminar - Red Vienna and other urban reform projects - Considerations and analysis from a gender perspective.
070245 PS Proseminar - Sozialgeschichte der Familie im Mittelalter und der frühen Neuzeit
070276 PS Proseminar - Modern History of East Central and East European History
070372 PS Proseminar - Film Noir between Exil Research, Film History and Cultural Studies
090057 PS Transitional Justice in Southern Europe and Latin America - a Comparative Approach with Special Consideration of Greece
070303 PS Proseminar - Politics of Mass Violence in the 20th Century

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