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Study Period

480046 KO Language and Culture - Colloquium on Polish Linguistics
480049 KO Language change and linguistic typology - Colloquium on Russian Linguistics
480050 KO Phraseology as a modern field of research - Colloquium on Russian Linguistics
480051 KO Phonology - morphology - syntax - Colloquium on Russian Linguistics
480079 KO Word formation - Colloquium on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Linguistics
480083 KO The language of war reporting and literature in World War I - Colloquium on Linguistics: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
480100 KO Comparative Slovak and Czech Nominal Morphology - Colloquium on Slovak and Czech Linguistics
480161 KO Development of the East Slavonic Languages in the 20th century - Colloquium on Russian and Ukrainian Linguistics
480042 KO Images of women and women's roles in the newer Bulgarian literature - Colloquium on Bulgarian Literature
480063 KO Plays by Anton Chekhov - Colloquium on Russian Literature
480064 KO "Holy Rus" in the Russian literature - Colloquium on Russian Literature
480065 KO Siberia in Russian Literature of the 19th-21st Centuries - Colloquium on Russian Literature
480069 KO The tradition of the idyll/sielanka in Polish literature - Colloquium on Polish Literature
480086 KO Russian and Ukrainian Poetry (19th Century) - Colloquium on Russian and Ukrainian Literature
480088 KO The Romantic Love Discourse in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Literature - Colloquium on Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Literature
480152 KO 20th-century crises in Czech and Slovak novels - Colloquium on Czech and Slovak Literature
480096 UE Structural course Czech - Grammatical aspect and style

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