Universität Wien

MMB W-2 Selected Subjects in Molecular Biosciences or Chemistry

300122 VO Embryos and Stemcells - Embryos and Stemcells
300137 VO [en] Basics of Neuroscience
300246 SE+UE [de en] Advanced Genetic Engineering in Yeast - practical course and seminar
300271 VO [en] Principles and practice of advanced microscopic technques - life sciences applications using theory and case studies
300288 UE Molecular Biophysics - Practical Applications
300306 UE [en] Hands-on Immunolabelling for Light and Electron Microscopy - techniques and preparations for biologists
300407 VO [en] DNA-Tumor Viruses, from Cancer Agent to therapy - Elective Course in Molecular Medicine
300585 VO [de en] Translation in Eukaryotes I
300586 VO Molecular Medicine 2 - Molecular Aspects of Medical Research
300641 UE [de en] Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics - Genetics and biochemistry
300854 UE [en] Practical Course in Structural Biology B - Advanced Practical Course

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