Universität Wien

MMB W-2 Selected Subjects in Molecular Biosciences or Chemistry

300007 VO Molecular Biology of plants II - Molecular Physiology
300089 VO [de en] Translation in EukaryotesII
300097 SE [en] Journal Club II - Stem Cell Biology: Evolutionary, developmental and pathological dimensions
300140 VO+UE [en] Live imaging course - for diploma, PhD and advanced students
300353 UE [en] Applied programming for Bioinformatics - Principles and techniques for simple programming to solve biological problems, using a common programming language. Practical experience with text processing and automation of external programms.
300362 UE [en] Applied data analysis
300407 VO [en] Molekular Pathology - Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease
300442 VO [de en] Molecular Medicine 1 - Monogenetic Diseases
300460 VO [en] Frontiers of Virology
300591 VO+SE [en] Advanced Cell Biology - Lecture Series
300853 UE [de en] Practical Course in Structural Biology A - Basics
300854 UE [de en] Practical Course in Structural Biology B - Advanced Practical Course

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