Universität Wien FIND

2nd Stage of the Degree Programme

010351 VO Contemporary Philosophy - The Problem of transcendence in Contemporary Philosophy
010025 VO Eschatology
010035 VO Advanced Course Theological Ethics III - Ethics of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius
010040 SE Thinking Philosophically and Theologically - Unter Berücksichtigung der Primarstufe
010011 SE The Decalogue
010037 FS [en] What can we learn from each other? - The relevance of intercultural experience for ethical reflection and moral action.
010070 SE Literature and its Effects - Accompanying Seminar for the Lectures on Poetics and Religion
010106 SE [en] The Jewish Christ - Reflections of Daniel Boyarin, Peter Scharfer, David Klinghoffer and Shmuley Boteach
010009 UE Greek Reading
210156 UE Subject area Making and implementing policy - Technologies in health and medicine

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