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PM3 Realisation of an Independent Research Project (20 ECTS)

070025 SE (MIXED) Research Seminar - Sociopolitical Transformation and Gender - Habsburger Monarchie, Erster Weltkrieg, Erste Republik
070155 SE (MIXED) Research Seminar - Austria in Context - Sozialtopographie und Gemeinschaftsbildung in großen und kleinen Donaustädten (14.-15. Jhdt.)
070103 SE (MIXED) Research seminar - Homosexuality on Trial - only in Combination with the Workshop in Methods 070104
070216 SE [en] (MIXED) Research Seminar Applied Global History - History of food - Representation and practice in arts and crafts
070027 SE (MIXED) Research Seminar - The birth of hospitals - The Elizabethines and the first women's hospitals
070376 UE (MIXED) Methodological Workshop
070091 UE (REMOTE) Methodological Workshop - Contemporary History and the Public Space. - Analogue and virtual memory as public history using the example of Vienna
070104 UE (MIXED) Workshop on Methods - Homosexuality on Trial - only on Combination with the Research Seminar 070103
070093 UE (REMOTE) Methodological Workshop - Maly Trostenec - Ways of Remembering a Nazi Extermination Site in the East, in Contemporary Historical Perspective
040067 UK [en] (REMOTE) Applied Economics (BA)
070053 UE (REMOTE) Workshop on Methods - oder Was die Obrigkeit schon immer wissen wollte
070168 UE (REMOTE) Proposalworkshop

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