Universität Wien FIND

A For graduates with a BSc in the Natural Sciences

269002 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Computational Concepts in Physics I
269004 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Computational Concepts in Biology I
269005 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Numerical Methods I
269006 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Numerical Methods I - Exercises
269007 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Numerical Methods II
269008 UE [en] (ON-SITE) Numerical Methods II - Exercises
051010 VU (MIXEDON-SITE) Programming 1
051031 VU (REMOTE) Database Systems
270057 SE [en] (MIXED) Molecular Modelling
270057 SE [en] (MIXED) Molecular Modelling

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