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Bachelor Teacher Training Programme: Biology and Environmental Studies (193 041, 198 402)

300001 VO (MIXEDOVSTEOP) StEOP: Introductory Lecture in Biology I - Anthropology, ecology, botany and zoology
300196 VO (REMOTEOVSTEOP) Introduction into Biology Education
300002 VO (MIXEDOVSTEOP) STEOP: Introductory Lecture in Biology II - biochemistry, cellbiology, genetics and microbiology
300039 VO (ON-SITE) An Introduction to ethology
300238 VU (MIXED) Introduction to Paleobiology - in Parallelen
300453 VU (ON-SITE) Morphology and function of animals - in Parallelen
300664 VO (ON-SITE) Principles in ecology (for teachers in biology) - Lehramt Biologie
300672 VO (ON-SITE) The Main Habitats of the World
300098 VO (REMOTEPH-NÖ) Human Anatomy and Health Care
300003 SE (REMOTEPH-WIEN) SARS-Coronavirus-2 and its consequences in biology instruction - how to develop issue-oriented educational approaches
300006 VO (ON-SITE) Primatology
300024 VO (ON-SITE) Concepts in Ecology - Concepts in Ecology
300043 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Introduction to Cognitive Biology
300058 VO (ON-SITE) Urban Ecology
300063 VO (REMOTE) Funerary Archaeology in Austria - Concepts, Digital Methods, and the Archaeological Record
300064 RE (ON-SITE) Revision course to Practical training in determination of native animals - Biodiversity and Biology of Central European Animals
300078 VO (REMOTE) Hominid Evolution
300111 VO (ON-SITE) Mammalogy
300139 VO [de en] (ON-SITE) Groundwater Ecology - An Introduction
300161 VO (MIXED) Microcosmos evolution
300165 SE [en] (ON-SITE) History of evolutionary biology - what a dead dodo can tell us about how we understand evolution
300172 UE (ON-SITE) Evolution in the museum - Development, endangerment and protection of biodiversity
300173 VU (ON-SITE) Biological Invasions
300187 EX (MIXED) Birds on the water
300197 VO [en] (ON-SITE) Ecology of Marine Polar Systems
300231 VO (ON-SITE) Introduction in Social Biology
300248 VO (ON-SITE) Cell Biology of Plants - Structure and Function of the Plant Cell
300280 VO (REMOTE) Introduction to mire ecology
300299 VU [en] (ON-SITE) Introductory Morphometrics
300309 VO (ON-SITE) Microbial genome plasticity
300343 VO [en] (REMOTE) Genome structure and evolution
300379 VO (REMOTE) Nature in our hands - Introduction to species and area conservation (Bioethics)
300385 VO (REMOTE) Human Anatomy - Osteology and Arthrology - Einführung in die Anatomie des Menschen
300420 VO (REMOTE) Ethical aspects of nature- and species protection - (Bioethics)
300426 VO (ON-SITE) Introduction into Human Ecology - Introduction into Human Ecology
300431 VO [de en] (MIXED) Evolution and Human Organization
300481 VO (REMOTE) Morphology and Palaeodiversity of vertebrates - Mammals and Birds
300496 VO (ON-SITE) Marine Science
300669 VO (ON-SITE) Management of endangered species - practical species protection in marine and terrestrial ecosystems
300718 VO (ON-SITE) Statistics in biology
300719 VO (ON-SITE) Gender in science - (Gender)
301212 VO (MIXED) Plant Molecular Biology I - Genetics and cellorganisation

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