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M04 Alternative Compulsory Module 4 (30 ECTS)

160015 UE Reading, Singing and Interpreting Musical Sources - Focussing on "Liber selectarum cantionum" 1520
160021 EX [en] Field Trip to Malawi
160025 UE Musical Instruments and Material Culture Studies - The Collection of "Musical Things" from the 16th to 19th Century in the KHM
160051 SE Music of the 17th and 18th Centuries as an Imitation of "Nature" - From the Perspective of Contemporary Music-theoretical Writing
160053 VO (REMOTE) African Music II
160061 UE A Longing for Abundance. On the Interdependence of Instrument Making, Composition Practice - and Playing Technique as Part of 19th Century Social Structure
160069 UE (MIXED) Rio in the Fever of Samba. The Musical Style from Rio de Janeiro's Famous Samba Schools - Captured Between Tradition, Globalization, and Modern Tendencies

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