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Doctoral Degree Programme in Catholic Theology (780)/ PhD- Programme Advanced Theological Studies (145)

010023 FS [en] Spiritual Power and Secular State - Ecclesiology and political theory in Marsilius of Padua (1275/80 - ca. 1342) and Giles of Rome (ca. 1247-1316)
010074 FS (MIXED) Heideggers Wegmarken
010099 FS Aktuelle Ansätze der Christlichen Sozialethik - Diplomand*innen-, Dissertant*innen- und Habilitand*innenseminar
010113 FS [en] (REMOTE) Learning Ecumenism - Comparing the Catholic and Orthodox Tradition
360005 PV Privatissimum
360007 PR [en] (ON-SITE) Research Seminar
360010 PV [en] (REMOTE) Privatissimum
360012 PV Privatissimum

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