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7. Zoology

300073 VO Bioacoustics - theory, equipment
300089 PP Animal Behavior Pract. at Konrad-Lorenz-Res.Stat. - Animal Behavior Practical at the Konrad-Lorenz -Research Station
300096 PP Arthropoda - morphology and evolution
300124 VO The birds of Austria - an ecological and conservationbiological overview
300154 VO Animal Vocalization - Sound Production, Reception and Communication
300169 UE [en] Bio-Acoustics
300190 PP [en] Hands-on Cryotechniques for Immuno-Electron Microscopy and Tissue in-situ Hybridization - To enable advanced BIO-stud. to understand & apply advan.cryo-electron microscopy, immunolabelling & tissue in-situ hybridization (TISH) tech. within their own research. Supported by lectures & demonst., this intensive, hand-on training courese teaches special. techn.,such as Tokuyasu cryosectioning, high-pressure freezing-freeze substitution & acrylic resin embedding for high resol. localization of intracell. proteins & other intracell. struc. by immunogold labelling or TISH
300249 VO Australian Fauna - examples of evolution, ecology and biogeography
300357 VO Introduction in Experimental Anatomy in Vertebrates - Introduction in Experimental Anatomy in Vertebrates
300394 SE Introduction to&guidance in ultrastruct. Research - Introduction to and guidance in ultrastructural Research
300396 VO Vertebrates - Morphology, Phylogeny, Biology
300449 PP Ecology and behavior of insects in Costa Rica - Habitat and resource use of insect pollinators (like butterflies and ornid bees) in tropical ecosystems
300475 UE Animal Behaviour - Introductory experiments in Animal Behaviour
300488 PP Ethology and biodiversity of neotropic amphibians - Ethoecology and biodiversity of neotropical amphibians. PP in French Guiana. In compulsory combination with the seminar "biology and systematics of neoptropical amphibians" 300180 (SE)
300618 VO Flying animals - Morphology and Evolution
300635 VO Ornitology III - brading biology
300669 VO Management of endangered species - practical species protection in marine and terrestrial ecosystems
300703 PP Animal Acoustic Signals - Animal Acoustic Signals

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