Universität Wien

A. Bachelor's Degree Programme Philosophy

180245 LPS Spinoza: Ethics
180285 LPS Close Readings in Philosophy and Logic - Leibniz' and Frege's Concepts of Symbolic Logic (Minicurriculum Logic II)
180305 LPS Aristotle's De Interpretatione - Language and reality
180230 VO-GKL Basic Logic - (1. Teil: BA und PP)
180231 VO-GKL Basic Logic - (2. Teil: BA)
180277 UE-GKL Exercise in Logic
180246 VO-L History of Philosophy III: Subjectivity, Freedom, Otherness - Spinoza, Kant, Fichte, Hardenberg, Hegel
180346 VO-L History of Philosophy II (Middle Ages and Early Modernity) - Von Augustinus bis Anselm
070072 VO Theories in History and Theory of Science - Foundational and Methodological Debates in Philosophy and the Sciences I
180199 SE Truth
180217 SE Seminar in Philosophy of Science I: interdisciplinary introduction - Foundations, theoretical and practical aspects of philosophy of science
180263 PS History of Epistemology - Neo-Kantianism
180310 SE Philosophy of science - Neukantianismus und 20. Jh. Zwischen Wissenschaftstheorie und Anthropologie
180264 SE Ethics and Philosophy of Religion - Friedrich Nietzsche
180306 VO Ethics requires feeling - Fundamental issues in dealing with the fear in the doctors-patients relationship with the topic Psycho Oncology
180089 PS Traffic - Thinking and Mobility
180170 VO-L Complex Systems - Introduction
180218 PS Projectseminar in philosophy of science - Wissensgenerierung und Modellbildung in der Wissenschaft
180299 VO Space and the Media - Die Lebewesen
180196 VO Classic Philosophy of Zen Buddhism - Dogen: shobo genzo
180279 VO Introduction to Chinese Thought - From the Beginning to the Daodejing
180286 VO-L Culturality as a Difference - Introduction to the Intercultural Philosophy
180292 PS Philosophy in Latin America (Argentinien,Chile,Paraguay) - Identity, Comparison, Interaction between Latin American and European thinking.
180267 VO Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction - Consciousness, Cognition and the Brain-Mind-Problem
180296 PS Introduction to Modal Logic - (Minicurriculum Logic I)
010120 SE Seminar
180019 SE The Question of God - God or Mammon
180115 SE Classical texts on aesthetics - From Aristotle to Zizek
180211 VO Beauty - A concept and its reality
010053 SE Philosophy of modernity in Europe and Latinamerica - (Habermas, Foucault, Dussel, Echeverria)
180373 SE The machines of Docteur Lacan - Eine technikhistorische Einführung
020058 VO Clinical Rounds - from medical, ethical and legal view
180209 SE Abortion - Part 2
180363 SE Enviromental ethics - Klima, Wasser, Nahrung
180224 VO Philosophy and Economies - Money talks
180225 SE Philosophy and Economics - Epistemology
180307 SE Body and Sexuality - Phänomenologische und diskurstheoretische Perspektiven (Waldenfels, Foucault)
180370 SE Gender and Alterity - Spivak and Butler
180275 VO From Early Atomism to Modern Elementary Particles - Philosophical Aspects of microphysical Concepts
180303 PS [de fr] The human nature in French philosophy - Textfragmente zur französischen Philosophie
180363 SE Enviromental ethics - Klima, Wasser, Nahrung

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