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17.04 Master Degree Programme Theory of Theatre, Film and Media (582)

170300 VO Lecture on the History of Theatre - Baroque theatre
170301 VO Lecture on the History of Theatre - Theatrum mundi.
170310 VO Lecture on the History of Film - Theory/Film/History
170320 VO Lecture on the History of Media - The Media and the Arts 1909-1933
170330 KO Discussion Course on the Lecture History of Media - The Media and the Arts 1909-1933
060012 VO Propaganda by Entertainment - Anti-Semitism in German film from early talkies up to the end of WW II
170400 VO Theatre and Film under NS-Regime - aspects of law, dramaturgie, and censorship
170410 VO Introduction to a cultural industry of media - Einführung in eine Kulturindustrie der Medien
170652 SE MA 1.3. "Discources and Methods" - Theory and Practice in New Media Studies
170602 SE MA 1.3. "Discources and Methods" - Postcolonialism and Postcolonial Filmtheory
170660 SE MA 1.3. "Discources and Methods" - Zirkulationen des Politischen
170661 SE MA 1.1. "Forms of Staging and Aesthetic Perception" - Observing Institutions: Frederick Wiseman/Thomas Heise
170670 SE MA 1.2. "Processes of Theatricality and Mediality" - Alexander Kluge's work in context
170671 SE MA 1.3. "Discources and Methods" - Political Affects, Precarious Life and New Ecologies of Documentary Images
170500 UE The Berlin School - Art, Politics, and Economy
170502 UE The uncanny - Media cultural perspectives on a psycho-aesthetic concept
170503 UE Venturous Bodies - Theories of Melodrama
170504 UE Turn Table Schlingensief - Between theatre, film and media: the Spaces of the work of Christoph Schlingensief
170505 UE Strong Cultures and Symbolic Borders - Hegemonial Positioning of Borders relating to Media Theory and Violence Science
170507 UE What Never Stops Finishing - Mourning and Death Cognition on the Basis of Image and Film
170508 UE To play or not to play. How to perform today? - Spielen, das Spielen spielen oder nicht mehr spielen?
170512 UE [en] Music Video as Form
170515 UE Game-Genre-Studies - Towards a History of Ideas of Video Games by Genre
170518 UE Film Music Soundtrack - Geschichte, Theorie und Praxis
170520 UE Photography 2.0
170522 UE SOUND Projects
170530 UE Cinema - Museum - Classroom - Educational Aspects of Film in Three Places
170532 UE Mentoring
170540 UE Audiovisual Film Studies - Production of an analytical Video-Essay
170550 UE queering binaries - From the Critique of Representation to the Critique of the Subject in Digital Games
170552 UE To risk the borders of the bodies! - Performance Body Politics
170553 UE PorNO - PorYes - Post Porn - Pornography, Bodies and Representations.
170561 UE Ephemeral Appearances - Nomadic Professions. Music-Hall artists in transit (1870-1930)
170700 SE Master-Thesis Presentation - Masterarbeitsübung
170701 SE Master-Thesis Presentation - Masterarbeitsübung
170702 SE Master-Thesis Presentation - Masterarbeitsübung
170703 SE Master-Thesis Presentation - Masterarbeitsübung

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