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European Ethnology

080021 UE+EX B220 EX + UE Fields of Research: Public Mourning: - On the traces of grief and memory in the public space
080014 SE B610: Technologies of the Self. - On the digitalisation of everyday life and bodily practice
080077 SE B810 Bachelor
080123 VO+UE [en] M120 Detailed Representations I: Religion and Rituality in Action: - 1) New Religious Practices in/and New Media; 2) Public Events and Festivals Case Studies from Europe
080009 VO+UE M320: Living environments between metropolis and periphery - Lebenswelten zwischen Metropole und Peripherie
080060 SE M410: Land use and economics: On theory, knowledge and practices of dealing with natural resources - Zu Theorie, Wissenbeständen und Praktiken des Umgangs mit natürlichen Ressourcen
230118 VO+SE Ethnographic film/ social science film - Audio-visual material in research, analysis and communication
080133 MK Master Course of Lectures - PhD Colloquium

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