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270028 VO+UE [de en] Symmetry in Chemistry
270060 SE Seminar: Methods of Biomolecularen Simulation - Seminar: Methods of Biomolecularen Simulation
270142 VO+UE [de en] Simulation of Chemical Dynamics
270173 VO Medicinal Radiochemistry I - Medicinal Radiochemistry I
270197 SE Current Aspects of Coordination Chemistry - for PhD Students
270223 SE Seminar: Electrostatics of Biomolecules - Seminar: Electrostatics of Biomolecules
270235 SE Seminar in Analytical Chemistry - Lecture and discussion forum of diverse topics in Analytical Chemistry
442704 VO Computer-assisted literature research - for natural scientists
442713 SE Journalclub for PhD Students - Part 1

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