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Diploma Teacher Training Programme: Chemistry (423 [2] - Version 2011) - discontinued

270014 SE Special Didactics Chemistry - for Diploma and PhD students
270044 VO Spectrometry
270067 SE Competence orientated learning in chemistry classes - Ergänzung zum "Vertiefungsseminar" (270039) für Studierende des Lehramt Alt
270219 VO Physical Chemistry I - (Introduction)
270009 VO Physical Chemistry III - Physical Chemistry of condensed materials (macromolecular chemistry, structural chemistry) and mixtures) and statistical thermodynamics
270010 VO Mass Spectrometry - Modern instrumentation, methods and applications
270031 UE Laboratory Course in Enviromental Chemistry - Zusatzveranstaltung für Lehramt Alt
270141 UE [de en] Class room Experiments in Chemistry Part B - Students Experiments
270144 UE [de en] school laboratory - Students Experiments
270167 UE [de en] Class room Experiments in Chemistry Part A - Demonstration Experiments
270174 SE Selected chapters of chemistry - -students of lectureship
270312 VO Toxicology

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