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Diploma Teacher Training Programme: History, Social Studies and Political Education (190 313) - discontinued

070331 GR Guided Reading - The Kievan Rus'
070174 VO Modern History
070107 VO Global History
070160 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Kriegsgefangenschaft
070223 KU Methods of Historical Research and Writing - Die Geschichte der Kärntner Slowen_innen seit dem Zeitalter des Nationalismus
070011 GR Guided Reading - System, Everyday, Practices: Approaches to the History of Societies During State Socialism
070013 GR Guided Reading - The downfall of the Danube monarchy. - Film in Austria. A History of Cinema and Television (from the fall of the Habsburg monarchy to the present)
070036 GR [en] Guided Reading - The Ancient Man and the Sea: Human Waterscapes from Odysseus to Columbus
070038 GR Guided Reading - Europe and the Islamic world from the seventh century to the Fall of Constantinople
070045 GR Guided Reading - New History of Work. Approaches and Perspectives
070048 GR Guided Reading - Ethnocentrism and national identity. The Self and the Other in East Asia (18th to 21st centuries)
070050 GR [en] Guided Reading - Global History, 16th to 21st Centuries
070066 GR Guided Reading - Gender History of Work
070067 GR [en] Guided Reading - The historians and the public sphere. The political uses of the past
070069 GR [en] Guided Reading - Slavery in the Americas
070070 GR [en] Guided Reading - Medieval Ireland (c. 400-1500): sources and debates
070083 GR Guided Reading - Between the Balkans and the Mediterranean - Adriatic History in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period
070085 GR Guided Reading - What became of the history of ideas, 1: "Human rights" in context (Scholasticism to Enlightenment)
070089 GR Guided Reading - The medieval town. Society, economy and conflicts
070090 GR Guided Reading - Economy in the Middle Ages
070097 GR Guided Reading - The Things We Carry. Migration History and Material Culture
070145 GR Guided Reading - Follow the Money: the Social & Cultural History of Financing Western & Central Europe (ca. 1000-1700)
070148 GR Guided Reading - Imperial Peripheries in Eastern Europe from ancient to our times
070167 GR Guided Reading - Women´s and Gender History
070169 GR Guided Reading - Austrian History 1526-1918
070173 GR Guided Reading - Political Participation and Protest from the Middle Ages to the Beginning of the 20th Century
070175 GR Guided Reading - Human-Animal-Relationship. An ongoing disappearance of animal in our live
070185 GR [en] Guided Reading - Sources on the Mongol Empire
070190 GR Guided Reading - Nationalist Narrative in Central and Eastern Europe
070192 GR Guided Reading - Organisierte Gewalt und Österreich 1918 -1938
070196 GR Guided Reading - Zur gesellschaftlichen Funktion von Geschichtsschreibung
070227 GR Guided Reading - State and Society in the Habsburg Monarchy in the 19th century
070242 GR Guided Reading - War and Peace
070260 GR Guided Reading - Sense and Nonsense. Strategies of Making Sense in Early Modern Times
070265 GR Guided Reading - Von Diademen und Tiaren
070270 GR Guided Reading - Social and Cultural History of the Human Body
070331 GR Guided Reading - The Kievan Rus'
070351 GR Guided Reading - Ubi ecclesia ibi imperium? The Roman Church and profane power throughout the Middle Ages.
070359 GR Guided Reading - Individual and Rule in Eastern Europe in the 20th Century
070156 VO Political System of Austria and the EU - Grundlagen für die politische Bildung im Unterrichtsfach Geschichte, Sozialkunde und Politische Bildung
070086 GK Basic Course Teaching Methodology in History - (für Diplom-Lehramt)
070256 GK Basic Course Teaching Methodology in History - Alltags- und Sozialgeschichte
070014 KU Reading Historiography - Comparing Images of Europe’s East
070032 KU Reading Historiography - Learning from History?
070133 KU Reading Historiography - Making history. Agency and movement in historiography
070164 KU Reading Historiography - Cultural History of Eastern and Western Europe, 1700-1900
070177 KU Reading Historiography - History makes History
070259 KU Reading Historiography - From late antiquity to the 13th century
070006 PS BA-Proseminar - The Holy Roman Empire in confessional age
070033 PS BA-Proseminar - Bodies/Clothes. Cultures and Economies of Fashion since the 1970s
070061 PS BA-Proseminar - North American History, 17th to 21st Centuries
070065 PS BA-Proseminar - Gender history of work
070095 PS BA-Proseminar - Economic History and Globalization
070121 PS BA-Proseminar - Wehrmacht as a topic in scientific and public discourse
070163 PS BA-Proseminar - Arms Control and Disarmament from the late 19. Century to the Present
070180 PS BA-Proseminar - Public History
070195 PS BA-Proseminar - Studies in the History of Crime. Methods and Perspectives from the Early Modern Period to the 20th Century
070237 PS BA-Seminar - Work and Gender in Preindustrial Europe (1300-1800)
070245 PS BA-Proseminar - Russia from Yeltsin to Putin: Politics, Economy, Society
070280 PS BA-Proseminar - Bourgeois liberal society
070324 PS BA-Proseminar - Imagination of space, identity and claim to power in the Middle Ages
070335 PS BA-Proseminar - European Cities in the Middle Ages
070338 PS BA-Proseminar
070358 PS BA-Proseminar - The Cold War in Southeast Europe
070372 PS Proseminar - Princely Economies in Early Modern Europe
070027 SE Seminar - Transnationality and Misunderstandings:1968 in Eastern and Western Europe
070060 SE [en] Seminar - Britain and Global Warfare 1914-1918, 1939-1945
070096 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Late-medieval Vienna
070098 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Everyday Life and Persecution. Jewish Life in Vienna, 1938-1945
070100 SE Seminar (PM 4) - FILM NOIR: Exile and Psychoanalysis. Hedy Lamarr from Vienna to Hollywood
070118 SE Seminar (PM 4) - Cultural History of Neo Noir: Crime Pays! From Chinatown to Jessica Jones
070127 SE Seminar - Labor & Migration
070130 SE Seminar - Global History, Agrarian Studies
070149 SE Seminar - Little Divergence: Unequal Economic Development Paths in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
070153 SE [en] Seminar - History of Stalinism: Culture, Politics, Economy and Society
070154 SE [en] Seminar - Barbarians, Infidels and Noble Savages: Stereotypes and Inter-cultural Perception in the Early Modern Period and Beyond
070157 SE Seminar - Habsburg Diplomacy (1519-1815)
070172 SE Seminar - Seminar for Medieval History
070179 SE BA-Seminar - Crisis and Relaunches: European Integration Politics since 1945
070189 SE Seminar - The social construction of heroines and heroes
070193 SE [es] Seminar - The Conquest of the Americas
070203 SE Seminar (PM4) - Jewish Cultural Spaces in the Middle Ages - Judenplatz and Im Werd: the two pre-modern Jewish communities in Vienna in comparison (1238-1421; 1624-1671)
070214 SE Seminar - On the way to a gender history of the Middle Ages. Part 2: Life forms and norms of life of women in the Frankish kingdom and in the German Empire of the Ottonians.
070251 SE Seminar - Working below ground. The Schwaz Mining Codex.
070274 SE BA-Seminar - Political culture and cultural policy in Eastern and Western Europe, 1919-1989
070277 SE BA Seminar - Biografieforschung (Täter in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus)
070313 SE Seminar - Slawische Urkunden des spätmittelalterlichen Balkans (Bulgarien, Walachei, Moldau)
070353 SE Seminar - Methoden der Umweltgeschichte
070046 VK Advanced Course on History Didactics - Historical-political education
070255 VK Advanced Course on History Didactics - 100 Jahre Republik Österreich
070269 VK Advanced Course on History Didactics - Außerschulische Lernorte
070088 SE Master Seminar/M.A. Seminar/Ph.D. Seminar - Schwerpunkt Fachdidaktik Geschichte, Sozialkunde und Politische Bildung
070099 SE Master Seminar - History of South Eastern and East Central Europa in the long 19th and short 20th century
070147 SE Master Seminar/M.A. Seminar/Ph.D. Seminar - Master Seminar for Medieval History
070158 SE Masterseminar/DiplomandInnenseminar/DissertantInnenseminar - Masterseminar - Graduate College 1 (Global History and Global Studies)
070187 SE Masterseminar (PM 5) - Recent work and research on medieval history, women's history and in the field of Digital Humanities
070279 SE Master Seminar - East European History
070315 SE Master Seminar/M.A. Seminar/Ph.D. Seminar - Privatissimum Politische Bildung
070355 SE Master Seminar
070365 SE [de en] Masterseminar - Die Entwicklung von Spezialfächern in der Medizin und in den verwandten Wissenschaften

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